Where The Fuck Have I Been?

Fucking working… i’ve been fucking work pretty much all of the hours my store is open for… if it’s not broken down machines keeping me here late waiting for a repair man it’s me having to work the entire day by myself in the middle of the fucking busy season because no one comes to work anymore. whatever energy i have left after working in this hot as balls sauna of a building i spend keeping my composure as i’m constantly disappointed by the youth of this country. i’m the most easy going person there is to work for… i don’t really give people much shit about things but this isn’t a major corporation where if someone calls out for the day there are other people to fill in. it’s just me and i’m getting to the point in my brain where it’s becoming plain unfair. i get that people get hurt or whatever but i get hurt and i still show up. my stomach hurts and i still show up. fuck last year i had surgery on thursday and i was back on monday… technically i was here on that saturday… if i need to go somewhere or do something the hours are covered. i feel a sense of responsibility to my job that i can’t seem to find in other people.  when i’m not here i’m constantly taking phone calls and helping out. i know i’m the manager and all but i assure you the manager of walmart and mcdonalds and shoprite and all those places don’t stay a minute passed the time they are supposed to work till. i wanna know what it’s like to not give a fuck about the place that employes me. i wanna be able to come in go through the motions and not care about a single thing. i wanna be able to leave here and not think about the customer that will be disappointed because something wasn’t back on time. i wanna be that person who is completely okay with doing something half-assed. i wanna call out and go shopping or sleep all day or spend it fucking some dude. what’s that fucking like? i don’t usually rant in this particular way because i feel like this stuff is a little bit not for the internet but i think i’ve made it very clear that all this shit is starting to have an effect on me. alls i want to do is go out to philly to a trashy shoes and clothes store buy some really sexy thigh high boots and have someone take my fucking picture in them to post on the internet… but i need a day off for that.  i feel like i’m letting everyone that reads my blog down… multiple people have actually asked why i haven’t been updating lately and this is why… so with all that said… i’m giving this another couple of week until the store slows down a bit and hopefully my employees will be in better health or spirits or whatever the fuck keeps them from coming in. i don’t really care… and that’s where the fuck i’ve been. =)

also, to the person who commented on the girl in the spandex pants…15 will get you 20. just looking out!

2 thoughts on “Where The Fuck Have I Been?

  1. Sorry to hear about that bs in your life. U aren’t letting anyone down by being busy with life. If they don’t understand then they are reading your blog for the wrong reason. Good luck. See ya in the next blog.

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