People And Their Cars

That is not a parking spot!

I think… and i’m not 100% sure… but this van might be worse off than the dry cleaner mobile…

Take up 2 spots and the lane in the back of the lot… asshole

You get the value of both signs right? 30 minute parking?? asshole.

This is just bad…

Hobbles out of car… leans up against pillar… screams into the store for me to bring him his stuff because he can’t walk… hobbles back into car… DRIVES AWAY WITH BROKEN LEGS!!!!! watch out for that one!

Maybe this is why people can’t drive anymore… they keep skipping their ONLINE DRIVING COURSES!!!!!!!

If you can’t judge how big it is… maybe you shouldn’t be driving it…

YESSS!!! that is a giant bear dressed in a sailor outfit hanging out in the front of a pickup truck! and YESSS!!! that lady is my soul mate! lol

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