Some Stuff I Bought Today

Without the strap

With the strap

Two piece for skinny days

My first maxi dress ever

Nothing new but still good lol

Tried on but didn’t buy… Mostly cuz they are way too expensive…







I really liked the last 3 but the bitch at Macy’s refused to give me 15% off after she said if I apply for a card I would get 15% off… When I asked her why she didn’t take the discount off she told me because I wasn’t approved… Well no shit. I knew I wouldn’t get approved but she said all I had to do was apply… She’s a liar and I walked out without purchasing anything cuz of it. Next time be more specific… If she told me all that up front I would of just paid full price and not cost myself an inquiry on my credit. I told her to hold them for me while I went to look for a coupon. I hope she held her breath too cuz I never went back.

5 thoughts on “Some Stuff I Bought Today

  1. Hot as always! I have to ask, are there any updates about you and the hot girl from the Mac counter that you were writing about a couple of months ago? I was hoping she would join you in some of your photoshoots 😉

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