The Past Part 2

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Meeeeedia!

Soooo…. i’ve decided to clear out my phone and camera of all the pictures and crap i’ve got on there… found some funny shit… so i’m gonna post it!

 I posted this on FB buutttt… it’s pretty funny… i know everyone is just lining up so better get your request in now!
 This is the most informative sign i’ve ever seen in my life. i really feel like everything i was wondering in my head about this gas pump has be thoroughly answered.
 It’s raining and no one else is allowed to park close but this guy.
 Weaved in and out of route 70 traffic to make it to the red light .0543 of a second faster than everyone else. Good Job Future Olympic Champion!
 Didn’t know a class was require to use a refrigerator…. I guess the people at this particular Wawa are special.
 Still want one of these!
 My phone is SOOO dramatic…
 Ugh… lol
Funniest convo following a penis picture.
Crooked and dumb.
Crooked, over the line and dumb.
Can anyone guess which network is mine?
So the safe at my store broke and to try to get into we beat it with a hammer… for this my boss bitched for MONTHS that we shouldn’t be using a hammer to break into a safe… then his safe broke…
 Need to clean the mirror
 Looking very fluffy here
For my feet peeps!
I pinch!
The End!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Just Can’t Do It Captain!

I don’t have the power…. actually it’s more like i’m running out of energy and braincells… i need a new car… i want a new car… i’ve driven a hundred fucking cars and i hate them all… i know what my problem is… my car that i have right now new was like 60k… i’m driving cars in the 25 to 30k price range… they all suck… nothing will ever compare to my pimp ass Cadillac… apparently not even another newer Cadillac… so i’ve decided to scrap the idea of getting something really new or even in the 2009 range and maybe just get a nice 2006 DTS or STS…. i’m gonna go drive a few today… how fucking pathetic is it that i’m secretly wishing that i get denied for the lease on the 2012 fully loaded Fusion i took out yesterday… i was a little disappointed with auto lenders telling me that i needed to put 12k down on a 20k used 2007 lexus with 70k miles… but like i didn’t even care… i cared more about what they would accept to finance me than what i was losing out on buying…in other news… i’ve recently discovered that my vagina is very jealous of my mouth… i’ve got one of those sonic care toothbrushes… it’s got like WAAAy more vibration power than my vibrator does…(even with fresh batteries)…  that’s not even fair… i think that Philips should perhaps consider making interchangeable parts for their toothbrush bases… bristles, cock head, back massager, smoothie maker… just saying…  that would be a delightful “this product does it all!!!” infomercial.  prolly one of their best sellers…well… just because i’m having a hard time right now doesn’t mean all my fans can’t have a hard time too!

 Wet T-Shirt Request!
 (it was empty)
 I’m a really good fake drunk
 That should be a cock
 Not that cold.
 A little cold.
 hehe… how is like half the shirt wet and half not?
 Perhaps i need some more
 Rub it in!
 rip it off…
 There’s no way i’m ruining my shirt by ripping it
 Lion Face
 that just looks like i peed myself
 I’m all wet, can i come in?
 (still empty)
 Should be a cock… again..

Well… i hope your hard time was better than mine!  time to get some work done!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

First Annual 29th Birthday!

Soooo…. yesterday i turned 29… had a pretty good day even tho i had to work… but like so did all my friends so it woulda been pretty boring if i took the day off… Went to dinner at the Brick House… we go there all the time… it’s kinda becoming a birthday tradition because the service last night was pretty awful … strange… plus this kid tried to take away too many plates at once and spilled french dressing all over my 100$ purse… kinda mad about that still… other than that i had a lot of fun with everyone and got some pretty cool gifts… LOTS of DUCKS!!! even my cake had a duck on it!  haha… for the second annual 29th birthday next year the gathering is going to be at my house because i know how to service people properly!it’s absolutely freezing in here today… burrrrr…. i just shut the exhaust fan but i doubt that’s gonna help. i just found an old pink down coat…

Ridiculous! (but no longer cold)
So…. i’ve been looking for a car to get in the near future… i’m kinda disappointed because the one i really wanted to get i went to test drive and absolutely hated it.  =(   bummer… so i drove a couple other things and the winner so far was the Lincoln MKZ…. i’m gonna try to lease one.  So if anyone knows anyone who sells new cars or could help me out let me know it would be very much appreciated! (truth be told i REALLLLLLY want a new car… like i prolly don’t realllllly need one but i feel like i’ve had a used one long enough and everyone else is getting new cars and i’m kinda like WTF? i make good money… i just can’t fucking prove it because i’m not on the books… but i will be next week for the first time in like 11 years… and i know i’m gonna have to wait a few weeks after that but nothing wrong with getting the process started… )
how sweet would i look in that!!!
Moving along and rather quickly because my boss is coming here in like 20 minutes…
Birthday Pic!! get it??? with the candle!!  haha… i’m funny
Also… i’d like to thank everyone for the unsolicited cock pictures that i received for my birthday!!! i loved them all!!! apparently I’m “very easy to shop for”  lol.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Friday The 13th

Thanks everyone for the really nice comments!  i appreciate them as always!  i’m sure my problem with getting things in my ass is the fact that i’m too tense… i guess it’s probably because i’m trying to do it myself and i’ve got to contort my body into uncomfortable positions… maybe i was just not meant to have things in my butt… haha!anyways… speaking of things that smell… this lady came into my store the other day… she absolutely reeked of body odor… like if someone told me she hadn’t taken a shower in a week i would totally believe that.. i’m surprised she didn’t have a following of flies… anyways… as soon as she left i went and got some air freshener and spray it all over… i just couldn’t breath… as i’m  in the middle of this one of my co-workers said i can’t do that… it’s not nice and i could offend her… are you fucking kidding me??? my nose was offended by her first!!!  smelling like a sewerage plant is NOT NICE… especially since it has an effect on everyone around them… who wants to come into a dry cleaners and leave their clothes in a place that smells… i wouldn’t. i think there should be a law that says if you go out in public you should be required to take care of your personal hygiene.  like… it’s a against the law to not wear deodorant… that’s what political people should fight about… like drop the abortion thing (cuz that only affects a limited number of people and really it only affects the person having the abortion… all the activist would be none the wiser if they didn’t waste life standing on the side of the road with their signs… like seriously get a fucking hobby before i run you over with my car…) and pass a law that would help a lot more people out…i’m wearing a dress today at work… which i never do… i’ve got little spandex shorts on underneath it tho to prevent any chaffing… but i’m still sitting here with my legs open… i feel like even tho the goods are covered i should like cross my legs or something… but i’m not gonna… just not my style…

i’m about a third of the way into the second book in the Fifty Shades series… i’m starting to see Ana Steele as a whining bitch… like calm down and stop being so dramatic… truth be told i’m not even that turned on by the sex in the book… i was hoping for something a little more depraved… i guess i’m just slightly more fucked up than the average woman who buys these books… oh well…

 this is the intersection of route 70 and colonial drive… i am waiting to make the left onto 70 east.  this lady in the white car stops her car in the middle of major highway and makes this other person who belongs to the black car get out to give her directions… i wasn’t sure who the bigger moron was until white car lady literally made a u-turn right in the middle of the road with traffic all over…
littering and… littering and… littering and… drinking and driving to the ATM…
 yup! that’s a person casually napping on the sidewalk/grass area in front of the burger king in lakewood… this lawn ornament also comes complete with a shopping cart full of shit.
 Lazzzzyyyy!!! and dyslectic
 Bitch Club?

and since several people asked for a video… i thought this one was kinda funny… lol…

Friday, July 6, 2012

Feels Like… A Tuesday…

But it’s a Friday… prolly cuz of the middle of the week holiday… 4th of July was pretty cool this year… watched the fireworks from the golf course on the river… no bugs and it wasn’t disgusting out… ohhh and Danielle and I finally got around to doing a little photo shoot the other night… got some pretty fun stuff to post over the next few blogs!

So… i went for my annual girl parts examination yesterday… i’d have to say that i was a little disappointed that he skipped the finger in the butt part he did last time… i guess that’s reserved for when i have a problem…  so my pussy is perfectly healthy!  he informed me that he now does laser hair removal… so i went back and had some done last night on my under arms… it didn’t hurt… but i cannot wear deodorant today… it’s only 9am and i don’t smell yet but the temperature is rising and i’m gonna start getting sweaty soon… anyways… if anyone is interested (guys can totally get it done too) go see Dr. Morgan he’s the best! very reasonable prices as well…  732-477-4422… totally went home and tried to finger my own ass last night to make up for the lack of it at the doctors… still didn’t work… well it worked a little… but there is no chance of me getting anything larger in there…

I’m trying to decide which set of pictures i want to post first… i was gonna do it in order of request but i have no idea what the order is… totally random it is!

 decided to go with the lace ones
 got this outfit for 8$
 pretty flowers!
 there’s two of me!
 front boob AND side boob!
 who wouldn’t want flowers on their bum?
Enjoy!  and tell your friends!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Idiots, Morons and General Disgust

i’m not sure why shit like this pisses me off so much… but like… i’ve got this stack of little papers that i cut up from a big desk calendar as the months go by… i use them as scrap paper… why is it that i came in today and found another month cut up but like into weirdly shaped pieces none of which were the same size as the stack i already had?… like… you know we use it as scrap so why if you’re gonna do something i didn’t ask to be done would you do it in a different fashion than it has been done before?? what the fuck am i gonna do with tiny pieces of paper? i threw them out. they are useless. what gets me most about this is that there was a clear example sitting like right there… i know this sounds completely petty but i hate it. and what i hate even more than that is when people ask me or more so tell me that they will start to do, continue to do or finish doing something i’ve already starting doing… like i’m doing it already… it’s not a two person project and i’m also not a complete fucking retard. chances are it will get done faster and with more accuracy if i do it myself. plus you’re in the middle of something else… i get the need to want to have stuff to do for later when it’s slow but like… i’m not waiting around to finish my job… i don’t desire to be here in the heat longer than necessary but there are things that need to be completed before i leave…ugghhhh

i’m starting to reach my moron limit.  i’m going to be 29 fucking years old in about two weeks… when the fuck are people going to stop asking me what i’m doing for the summer???  I’M FUCKING WORKING!!! like a normal person… anyone who asks me this at my job in the cleaners clearly knows i’m not a school teacher and while i definitely don’t think i look old i sure as hell don’t look like i’m in high school or any other form of school really… further more… i spend 5 consecutive days a week in ridiculous heat (i know i’m not being over dramatic because every single fucking person who walks in this place has something retarded to say like “wow it’s hot in here” “how do you stand the heat” “it’s actually hotter in here than it is outside” “you don’t have air conditioning?” or my personal favorite “stay cool!”  YOU STAY COOL MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! ughhhhhhhh)  my body is fried by the end of the day… i don’t wanna go to the beach i don’t wanna go do anything outside ever… if i’m not working i wanna be in a place with a nice crisp air conditioning… maybe when the sun goes down and my body temperature reaches normal again i’ll take a minute or two outside but other than that NO WAY!  i sometimes wonder if anyone with a nice indoor job ever realized the toll heat takes on the human body… spend your day getting in and out of your sitting in the direct sunlight car about 100 times and then come talk to me about hot weather. or better yet go stick yourself in the dryer.

i’m hungry… and i’ve got a fuck ton of work to do…

Thursday, June 28, 2012

50 Shades Of Cancer…

I don’t usually judge people based on their personal choices (unless they can’t drive, of course) but smoking is disgusting… i know i know i used to smoke but that was like a decade ago… i just really wish i could walk down a side walk without having to hold my breath… seriously… if i want to go to stop and shop from my job it’s almost worth it to get in my car and drive… every single person out there is puffing their lives away… i thought they made a law about smoking within a certain distance from public buildings… or maybe that’s the law about idling cars… i don’t know… either way… why should i be victim to smokers’ bad decisions??? same thing happened at the court house yesterday… i get that court is stressful place for people who “just can’t understand why i got a ticket for a taillight out”. I’m sure that 46$ no point fine you’re pleading not guilty to would be much better spent on some marlboro reds mother fucker… take that shit away from the sidewalk…

work has slow down so much this week… it’s soooo nice out… everyone is on vacation and yet i’m stuck here… good thing i’ve got a book to read… if you haven’t figured it out by the title of my blog i’m reading Fifty Shades Of Grey…  i haven’t gotten too deep into it yet but it’s definitely a catchy story… makes me wanna do some really naughty things… some ideas for a photo shoot are definitely brewing in my head.

there’s a guy in here right now talking to Wil… i can’t understand a word he’s saying… like it’s English but i can’t make out a bit of it… he’s more round than tall looks like a fat Mario and talks like him too… he totally thinks that losing weight to fit in pants is just crazy then gets mad that walmart doesn’t have anything to fit him properly… which reminds me… I’ve been working out consistently for the first time in a long time… i think i’ve found my motivation… going to the gym for more than 15 minutes too!  there is this really hot trainer guy there that i like to stare at… i think his name is Travis… haha… but in true LA Fitness tradition i’m sure he won’t be working there for long…

So i’ve found out recently that a lot of people have been reading my blog that i wouldn’t normally expect to read it… that’s awesome!!

I wish i had some more female friends… it’s so hard to make them… i know i’m not exactly an easy person to get used to but i swear i’m totally nice and fun to be around… and that malicious intentions part of my life was so 5 years ago… now i kinda just want someone to go grab dinner with and bullshit about how cute the guys at the bar are… or maybe like a gym buddy… that would be awesome… so if anyone knows any girls that need friends kinda like direct them my way… how pathetic is that…

holy crap nick used a rolling rack… i’m in shock right now… brb

Lakewood inhabitants drive me nuts… first he parked in the middle of the road… second he needs his stuff for today… but it’s summer time and we’re starting earlier and getting done earlier… we don’t even do the cleaning in this store… shirts no problem but suits and pants are a little tough… so i wrote his stuff up and he’s actually driving it down to the other store… haha… whatever…

It’s 930am and i’m starving… i have a feeling this is gonna be one of those blogs that takes me a couple days to finish… i know everyone has been wondering where i’ve been the last few weeks… i wrote a short post the other day… i was kinda trying to hold out until i had the pics and videos done that i want to do… i’m aiming for this weekend… whether it’s with help or by myself i’m getting this shit done!

Danielle sent me this picture… not that i would ever wish harm upon an innocent child but part of me screams “i hope you fucking crash dumb ass” it absolutely amazes me that parents still don’t strap their kids in in the car…
 Control Freak.
 Poorly Parked and if your name is Rainbow paint a fucking rainbow somewhere..
 Does Not Play Well With Others
 Car Love!
Seriously, this car is parked here.
I named him Mr. Quacktastic. People keep calling him Big Bird… he looks NOTHING like Big Bird. Morons…  I put him in my car and drive around with him in the front seat.  It’s quite amusing to watch people react to him. but what absolutely amazes me are the vast amounts of people who don’t notice a GIANT YELLOW DUCK! like does anyone look around when they drive? it’s like people only look forward… kinda scary… it’s even more scary when i pull up next to a car with children in it and they clearly see the duck and react to it and the parent in the car doesn’t even look around to see what their kid is going crazy over… lol… so along with driving around with him i brought him into lakehurst cleaners with me a few saturday mornings ago… i knew my boss had a long night the night before and what better way to fuck with him than to sit my duck in his chair.

Totally bored on the couch one day… and apparently hot too because i’m not wearing any pants.
 Kinda blurry but i really love these two pics…

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still Kickin

Don’t worry everyone I’m still around… just been overwhelmingly busy with work and car and health issues…. all is well tho and I will definitely be posting new content soon! Pretty much every request I’ve gotten lately is coming up really soon!  Thanks for asking where I’ve been I really appreciate it! Love you all! 🙂

Enjoy the sweaty work pics!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Clean House

Is it some sort of cleaning lady conspiracy for them to leave a detachable shower head not properly mounted in the holder and always facing outwards??  do they do this shit on purpose or are they just that stupid?  if they cleaned their own shower the same way are they okay with being victim to freezing cold water hitting them in the face without warning then having it fall and spray everywhere??  probably not… bitches. this company does a shitty job anyway… they keep missing things… obvious things… they came on tuesday. i called wednesday to express my disappointment (after talking to the lady two weeks prior to let her know about these things)… then they came back on thursday to fix it (the manager asked me to leave a detailed list) they ignored half of it… if i wanted to come home to a half-assed job i’d do it myself and save myself the 86$ every two weeks.

so it’s been a week and a half since i fired looney toons… i’ve been i such a better mood. i’ve been working more hours but my brain is far less stressed!  bonus! i can have a conversation with a person without weird off topic no one cares what you have to say interjections!! it was my first firing too… i think i did pretty well… i wasn’t mean!! i wanted to just rip her to shreds and ask her why it’s so hard for a person who does nothing in life (no school, no kids, no other job, no household to maintain) to make it to work to a part-time job 3 miles from your house on the days and times you’re supposed to be there completely awake and alert with your make-up and hair already done your cigarette already smoked and your coffee already gotten?  why is this hard at 1 in the afternoon? it’s not like it’s 7am. why can’t you realize when customers don’t want to hear your life story? (they really don’t care) why can’t you remember things after being told over and over again? why do you think it’s okay to try to intimidate your other co-workers with the intention of trying to get them to quit? no one cares how big your boyfriends dick is or your latest racist joke that you made up yourself that no one gets cuz it doesn’t make sense… but the really really sad part is she didn’t even attempt to keep the job. didn’t ask for one more chance… didn’t even offer an explanation that made any sense for not showing up. i let people get away with a lot of shit but i’m not an idiot. don’t fucking lie to me. and this, kids, is why you shouldn’t do drugs.

so… i went to the wells fargo yesterday to get some change for the store… why do i feel like every single time i go there it’s everyone’s first time in a bank ever?  like hasn’t it been long enough for every single person in the world who gets a paycheck to know that you cannot cash a check in the drive thru unless you have an account??? i knew that when i was like 14… that’s almost 15 fucking years ago!!! it hasn’t changed… go inside motherfucker! as far as the tellers… i really think most of them need a math class… i want to be able to go into the bank with 100$ tell them i need 50 single 2 rolls of quarters 2 dimes 2 nickels 3 fives and 1 more single and not have them look at me with this blank stare and then make me repeat myself or my personal favorite “let me write that down”… WRITE THAT DOWN???? are you fucking kidding meeee??? not for nothing… how else would you make change of a hundred with all those components… even if she gave me the extra 16$ just in singles it woulda been fine… if you work in a bank… be good at math. or at least be good at listening the first time…

 i want to live at this address!  corner of yellowbank and fischer… lol…
she parked like this… then almost tripped walking over the rocks.
insult to injury…
i don’t even really get this one.. there were plenty of close spots…
i changed my hairs again… not that it matters because it’s gonna be up in a ponytail for the next 4 months of disgustingly hot weather.  but i’m back to red for now!
She’s a MAAAANNNN BABBBYYYY!!!! sexy sexy!
just because it fits doesn’t mean it belongs…
why do old people drive giant cars?  so they can take up 4 spots. duh!
this (thing i think is a) person smokes at gas stations… and flicks ashes all over… blow shit up on your own time bitch!
i was thinking having a person with a so bad cold playing delightful ballads in the front of the store would definitely class the place up a bit. glad this person applied… (i am never putting the help wanted sign in the window again!!)
 me at my mom’s wedding… i look hot!
this person attempted this lane change a few seconds earlier and almost took me out… i honked my horn and she gave me a dirty look… seriously bitch… don’t get mad at me because you aren’t cool enough to drive AND look for other cars at the same time…
time to get going… Happy Friday!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Jammed Up Like A Cheap All In 1

I’m starting to think i’m suffering from writers block or something… maybe it’s just the stress of having incompetent people work for me. i’ve been so focused on this job lately that i can’t even take the time to relax and people watch outside my store… it’s not even fair.  i just need to get through the next 8 days and i’ll be able to make some much needed changes around here… it’s definitely necessary… especially when i find myself writing notes like these all over the store… stuff you would think would fall under the common sense category especially for people who have worked here over 6 months… the job really isn’t that hard… it’s like the same thing over and over… there is absolutely no reason anyone should get worse at it over time.

i’m fairly certain the dude walking around the plaza right now is a drug dealer… he keeps getting into different cars… for some reason they security guards aren’t here this early… crime never happens during the day. idiots.

i can’t remember what time i took my allergy pill yesterday… i would imagine i either forgot to take it or i took it very early because if it was still working i prolly wouldn’t feel they way i do right now… i suppose i could just take another one… what’s the worst that can happen? lol  if anything i could certainly use the nap…

it’s fucking freezing in here… i just attempted to take a picture of my hard nipples but a customer came in… oops… i’ll try again later..

i’m kinda wondering… i’m the type of person who always says “have a good day” to every customer… i never vary… it’s never have a nice holiday or weekend or anything like that… so when i say “have a good day” and they follow up with “have a nice weekend” are they trying to 1 up me?  like do they think they are better because they are wishing me more than just a good day?? maybe i should just be like “HAVE A NICE LIFE!!!” then i win…

it’s been like stupid busy in here for the last 2 hours… i like it.  and i’ve still got 1 hour and 40 minutes until i’ve gotta be that bitchy boss who points out all the mistakes… it would be so much easier to tell people all the shit they do wrong if i got to leave after… or had like an office to go to… it kinda sucks when i’ve gotta be like.. “uhh you’re a total fuck up and i hope this is the last time i have to tell you the same thing” and then be in the same space as the person… lol… i can’t possibly wait til the end of the day cuz that’s just not my style…

alrighty… so it’s monday already… this weekend was crazy… i had the day off on saturday to go to my niece’s first birthday party… had to stop into work first to pay the girls… walked in and i’ve got one calling the other one a bitch… LOL… so yesterday i went and bought job applications from staples and today i posted an ad on craigslist. i am done with this bullshit. this girl really acts like a child. then she thinks i must be naive or something and tries to play it off like she was just trying to help.  sorry darlin’ i got 3 people saying you’re nagging on this woman trying to get her to quit. homey don’t play dat.

this fucking douche bag completely ignored the stop sign he had and pulled out right in front of me… just so he could wait at a red light first. that’s nice.
this guy did 25mph all the way down the road. i would assume he was prolly paying attention to something other than driving because his car was swerving all over the place.  if you were driving drunk i hope you die in a 1 car crash that doesn’t effect anyone elses life.
just because the black cars owner can’t park doesn’t mean you have to hit them… just saying… lol…
well hurricane nick just got here… with his car… apparently the dry cleaner mobile broke… i really hope that all the dry cleaning isn’t all wrinkled… not that anyone who works here besides me cares… he’s talking to me… i’m ignoring him… mostly… i wish he didn’t smell like cigarettes… lol
bought a new blender yesterday… a nice cheap one for like 16$… made my mushroom soup without any problems.  it was delicious!  haha… and the burns are gone too!
so it’s still freezing in here… i went into the bathroom to take that hard nipple picture… but it’s like super hot in there cuz of the compressor… lol… took a picture anyway…
not that hard. lol

Monday, May 14, 2012

Burning Sensation… LOL

yesterday… my blender exploded… i was making cream of mushroom soup… i poured it into the blender put the lid on attempted a puree and the glass cracked and ridiculously hot mushrooms and broth went flying all over my kitchen, on my arms and face… i must say being covered in little pieces of mushroom and onion was totally sucky… i’ve got these tiny little burns all over my arms… the worst part about this is i had to throw out the remaining soup… can’t chance eating glass… and it smelled SOOOOOO good too… i’m pretty sure my house still smells like it considering it landed in pretty much every spot there was in my kitchen… good thing the cleaning ladies are coming today cuz i was totally not dealing with that shit… lol…. i need a new blender… maybe with a plastic pitcher.

so last week i posted on my facebook that i was looking to hire someone in my store… i had one girl come to see me… she seemed really nice. she was polite to the customers but none of that mattered because she came in to fill out an application wearing a spaghetti strap tank top with all her tattoos showing… ughh… i really don’t wanna know you have tattoos the second you walk in the door and a full shirt woulda been nice too… i know this is a dry cleaner but it’s still a job and most importantly it’s my career (which i take seriously).  don’t get me wrong, while tattoos aren’t my choice of expression, i don’t mind them. work is just not the place to be showing them off.

i have been like unusually tired lately… i keep thinking i’m getting sick but then a few days go by and nothing happens except the tiredness… i’ve been sleeping pretty well so i don’t think that is the problem… work has been insanely busy… i like it this way… and on saturday when i found out that my store has been making more money than lakehurst for the last couple months i threw myself a little party in my head… i can’t wait til the next time one of those bitches down there gives me shit about how much work is for one day or how many times i call the other store… they are so ignorant down there that i truly believe they don’t even understand that there is another store that runs and has customers. but now… NOW i can be like… my store is busier than yours and i do it with less people so take that evil stupids. hahahahahhahahhaha!!!!

Dry Cleaner P.S.A.  it is absolutely the most annoying thing on the planet when people bring in their dirty clothes on hangers… who the fuck hangs their dirty stuff up anyway??? that’s just weird… like i get that you’re bringing the hangers back but like… why can’t you just be like all the other people and throw them on the counter in a giant ball??  it makes things go so much faster that way…
So… i’ve taken ZERO pictures of people driving/parking badly in the last two weeks… since i’m sure the world hasn’t shifted… i must be really slacking… so we can skip that part and go straight to the next part.
so… someone asked me for pictures of me in lace… i’ve got two in some nice lacy undies!
Back! (i think my butt is looking smaller lately. =(  )
i really hope to have more stuff up soon… i guess it just all depends on how busy works stays… not that i should be complaining about it… leave me some love in the comment section!  =)

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