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sorry it’s not a clickable thing… don’t know how to do that.

13 thoughts on “My E-Mail Address

  1. You are very beautiful. And sexy. Can we talk?? See you working and its, more sexy.. would love to offer a solution to your problem. .Instead of a hug! Lol. .
    Let’s talk about it..
    I don’t complain about stains!!

  2. and something else might not work besides your clickable email link. I tried to register and it would not allow even withsecret code being typed in. you think you can help me out? I haven’t sent you an email

  3. I’m sorry but i just hope one day that your perspective you are portraying is insulting not only to yourelf, but disrespectful to any woman in a committed relationship. I do hope you are never the one who gets cheated on. worst feeling in the world and I’ve overcome a lot. Im not looking to “talk trash.” but I do hope over the years you don’t look back on this with regret,embarrassment or shame..

  4. Damn wordpress automatically changed it. (a href=””)

    Change all of the ( to . Hopefully wordpress doesn’t filter that out.
    )( to ><

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