Taco Tuesday

tonight we’re gonna roast pepper halves and fill them with taco meat and cheese… this will be a nice break from taco salad Tuesday which is how we’ve been doing things for a few months now… I’ve just got 6 more lbs to go before i hit my goal weight… i was thinking about it the other day… what do i do after that? up my calories to a maintaining amount? keep doing what i’m doing currently with food and cut back on the cardio? i don’t know… my best option is to start doing things like crunches and squats… i don’t want my thighs getting big again tho… they have definitely gotten smaller… i can tell when i’m shaving… it doesn’t take as long. ah i guess i’ll figure it out when i get there… these last 6 lbs isn’t gonna be easy… probably take like a month… the timing will be good tho because then i’ll have a month to get a little toned up and then my car will be here and i can take fun pics with it… not sure who’s gonna be sexier… it’s gonna be close.

ya know… now that i’m thinking about it… i don’t think i mentioned getting a new car… i ordered it on July 21st. the guy said i should expect it to be in late September / early October… so by my calculation that’s 51 to 65 days from now… that’s kinda how i set my weight loss goal too… i wanna be super hot when i get it. it’s gonna be awesome! then i’m gonna take it to Atco and burn some rubber. and then be immediately annoyed with myself for burn said rubber… tires are expensive…

i actually have to replace two of them on my current car… i thought i needed brakes… so i bring it to the place across the street… guys like… your brakes are fine but your two tires are bald…. okay….. i friggin wish it was brakes… would have been cheaper… the tires are like 160$ each… hurt me! ugh whatever…

it’s like so cold in here today… i’m wearing such a cute shirt and it has to be covered up by a jacket… WTF? it’s August… in a dry cleaner… this is bullshit!

8:03 AM… not too many customers so far today… i’m fairly confident that everything in the back is running okay… no one is complaining so that’s a good sign…

i’ve got some more pictures from my birthday… only a few but it’s a cute outfit.

i’m soooooo bored today…

got that picture off my new security camera… that woman was reading a book in the fire zone… totally not the library lady!

9:14 AM… it’s still at least an hour before breakfast time… that’s too long… might have to move it up today… also i’m super low on steps because i’ve been sitting here for so long… my fitbit is yelling at me… maybe some netflix and jog in place is in order…


Forgot The Title

I know the use of this next word is gonna be my demise but so far it’s been a nice quiet morning… not too hot in here either… got the billing done, climbed on ladders, blew down the boiler, got all my phone calls done, accounted for pretty much everything for the week, 40k steps ahead of the person in 2nd place in my fitbit contest… i can totally afford to sit for a bit and write a blog.

on monday i installed two cameras in my store… we’ve been having a few random problems around here lately and i feel like cameras would make people more accountable… also i like to watch them when i’m not here… i’m sure the novelty of that will wear off soon tho… i’ve found that sometimes i just don’t want to know. a lot of times i just don’t want to know.. but these will definitely be helpful the next time a customer reaches over and takes money out of the drawer when the girl isn’t paying attention…or when the cops come in on their monthly cycle and ask if we’ve got parking lot facing cameras… this place is so unique in it’s ability to be reallllly rich, really poor, and really insane all in about 1 square mile…. endless source of entertainment tho.

there’s a big truck blocking my back loading area… this annoys me… gotta share the space. hopefully he will be gone before my driver gets here… and hopefully my driver gets here soon… got a lot of places to get to today…

i’ve got a few pictures of people parking badly… i can’t wait to have videos of people driving badly from this camera!! missed one yesterday… i was literally walking back from the mailbox with the package that had the SD cards in it for the cameras when chaos erupted… it was good because it was old person potential car accident, horns blowing, other people a few cars back not seeing what was happening and honking because no one was moving AND the most coolest women i’ve ever encountered commentating on the entire thing and subsequently getting into a “fuck you” screaming match with one of the other participants…. epic.

Never gets old.

Lots of people were honking at this dude

Cuz there’s no other people on this earth but you, guy

Different Plaza… Same Idiots

This lady… gotta get that lottery!

Fire Zone Brigade!

This looks reasonable… if you’re driving a car blind.

so… i haven’t used my instagram in over a year… but lately all these people keep following me… i do not know why… the last picture is from like last june… i should just delete the account… or like suspend it or something… i can’t do the whole multiple social media platform thing… i tried to get back into twitter but that lasted like 2 days… i haven’t even really used snapchat in a while either… i can’t even take a picture and send it to everyone on my friends list at once because there are too many… the only way is to do my story and let people seek it out… kinda dumb.

i have some more pictures from my birthday trip to post…

here’s a few

First night dinner outfit!


close up!

in our private dining booth with the curtain drawn

So here’s some boobs and some forks!

delivery just got here… shirts aren’t done yet tho… few minutes off today… hopefully it will catch up.

okay… 66 more orders for today… those probably won’t be complete for another 5 hours… maybe longer… it’s now an hour later than it was when i started writing this… found some things to do i guess…

let’s see what other birthday pics i’ve got to put up…

Fabulous Birthday Dinner Outfit!

Butt looking on point…

makeup looking good! can kinda see a nip too!

Sexy couch pics!


any outfit with sneakers is the best!

still pretty quiet around here… my worker should be in a few minutes then breakfast time… been working really hard at keeping my calories under 1000 everyday… been working out everyday too… i’m about a 1500 to 2000 calorie deficit a day right now… i haven’t lost anything significant in two weeks tho… i’m hoping if i just stick to it a bunch will drop off all at once…. that would be really nice because it’s starting to frustrate me a little bit… my next cheat day will be two sundays from now… i’m having a bbq… i’ve invited people who all can’t give me a yes or no but i don’t care if i’m cooking for 15 or for 2… potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, deviled eggs, hotdogs, hamburgers, watermelon… those things will be happening. even if it starts at breakfast time. lol

got a few more pics…

Getting ready to go out!

should have picked having breakfast over posting pictures cuz now it’s busy! oh well!