For Real Tho…

so… i just caught myself doing the weirdest thing… i have this pair of bedtime underwear that’s probably about 5 years old… it’s had this tiny little whole in it for a long time but i’m not really looking to impress the inside of my pajama pants so i’ve kept them… last night i decided that it was time for these to be retired… but not before i washed them… like wtf right? why would i bother washing underwear that’s just going into the trash? probably the same reason i pre-clean my house before the cleaning lady comes over… I’m weird.

i cannot believe it’s been 2 1/2 months since the last time i posted something. i agree with most of you that it’s pretty ridiculous to have to wait so long for an update… but my work life has taken over my entire existence… i used to have nice quiet mornings to sit and write and post pictures and have time to just think… those days are over. the amount of people who have moved into the area has grown so much and the customers come in in packs all day long now. in addition to the customer growth… not a day goes by where i’m not fixing some broken ass machine in my store… some of you have been lucky enough to watch my facebook live videos of that stupidity. i’d have to say… i kinda don’t mind it tho… i’ve got a pretty intense understanding of how all those things work now and i can usually diagnose and fix it pretty quickly now. the only thing i really can’t do on my own is break a pipe… i’m just not strong enough and i don’t have large enough pipe wrenches to jump on it. lol. not that that would ever end well.

another bit of a snafu i’ve been dealing with is my licensing for the boiler that i have in my store. about a year ago i called the wonderful state of NJ and told them i needed to apply for an emergency operating permit for the boiler in the store. i also told them that i needed to apply to take the test to get the proper license permanently. the lady on the phone told me i needed a black seal high pressure. so the following february i started my 12 week 36 hour course at the vo-tech school and sent in my state application… took my test on june 20th. and fail. by 1 question ( you only need a 60% to pass). so i said to the person administering the test that it was weird that i took this class, passed all the practice shit and i really had no clue any of the answers on the test. like none of the shit on the test was related to anything i had learned. it dealt mostly with state compliance and shit like that rather than actual boiler knowledge. i pretty much guessed on the entire thing. the man told me that i should have taken a different course that helps people prepare for the actual test. so i signed up for that. it started in september. this course was geared to teaching the test. i show up the first day and the lady signs me in… gives me material for white seal high pressure special… i’m like noooooo… i’m black seal high pressure. she said the company would check into it with the state and get back to me… 2 more classes go by (4 weeks). the instructor then says to me… this is really fucked up… someone in the state actually took your application… crossed off black seal high pressure and penciled in white seal high pressure special. AND THEN FORGOT TO TELL ME. that’s fucking great right? so i took the wrong course and then the wrong test the first time around. all this from the state that doesn’t allow white out to be used on applications… so now i’m set to take the test again on wednesday. i think i’ll pass this time since i actually learned the stuff i’ll be tested on. so basically… you can’t trust anyone to do their job properly… lesson learned.

it’s been so long that i’ve written on here that i’ve had my new car for 2 months already! she’s so dope. fast as hell too! it’s funny cuz i’m actually a little too small inside of it to sit in the seat and reach the touch screen and the front window buttons. but i don’t care! i also joined a car group which has also been filling in my free time. it’s nice to hangout with people who have similar interests. and of course all the fabulous mopars! i’m new to the whole life-style so my mods are coming slow and not as expensive as some of the other people. i won’t be fucking with the engine or exhaust or anything until after the warranty is up anyway. right now i’ve just done tints, some lettering across the front, a dash cam (that needs to be hardwired), gold rhinestone license plate frames and these cool ass gold crown valve stem covers. i’m also getting the seats reupholstered into leather. those have been ordered so hopefully in the next couple weeks that will get done.

so a few people have told me that some of my videos on mobypicture are not working. i really have no idea how to fix that. the only thing i could probably do is re-post them. for that i would have to find the original files… no idea where those are. some of them are like 2 computers ago. maybe i’ll email their tech support or something. i guess i could start there and hope it’s a problem on their end that can just be resolved without me having to put in any extra effort. haha!

gotta switch the laundry… i’m only doing laundry when i’m home now. there was a dry fire on my block last week. scary shit.

okay… first load totally done 3rd in washer… probably not going to finish all this before the party i have to go to at 1. oh well.

just sent an email about the videos. now we wait.

so what else have i been up to? i shot a gun for the first time ever! it was so much fun! i didn’t do nearly as bad as i thought i would. i shot a 9mm pink glock. of course it was pink. shot it at a pink target! hit it 25 of 26 times. i’m getting fingerprinted for my firearms card thingy next week. i’m not gonna get the handgun purchase permit yet tho… totally need to wait it out on that and they expire quickly.

i have been so busy at work that my collection of people parking badly hasn’t really got much new stuff in it… i do have this… the township painted this lovely box on the ground to alleviate the gridlock problem that was happening at this super well engineered intersection 50 ft from an intersection and traffic light…  this guy apparently thought they did all that work and posted all of those signs just so he can scoot his dumb fucking car in that space and get to go before everyone else who are abiding by the very unclearly written “don’t block the box” rule. i wish they would actually put a cop there one day to take care of shit like that. wait your turn, guy!

my feet are cold. i could go upstairs and get some socks but i’m not gonna.. lol. just got a notification that my amazon order is on it’s way! yay! i ordered a green comforter set. hopefully it’s not shitty.

so it’s probably hard to tell but this shirt is totally see through. also i have a lot of shoes.

i’ve got couch boobs!

and work boobs!

and bathroom boobs!

this process really does take a significantly longer time when i’m using wifi…

so… i’m gonna attempt to post more frequently than i have been but no promises on that. holiday time is generally crazy.

literally just found a webcam app on my computer… (i’ve only had it over a year)

crappy quality but uploaded fast and i didn’t have to rotate them! that’s a future win i feel.

anywho… i’ve gotta go get ready for this party! enjoy! leave some love in the comments.

Bored And Not So Bored At The Same Time

What a weird last couple weeks… aside from the normal major machine breakdowns and employee problems (at the other store) it’s been pretty busy business wise… until this week…it’s finally slowed down… i almost got to leave at 12 on Monday… and then the washer broke… spent the next 6 hours tapping on a drain valve to get it to open and close 8 times a wash load… very labor intense… today… i’m kinda bored… just kinda waiting to see what problems today brings… but so far so good.

i finally got my boss to let me get internet put in down at the other store… and cameras… they’ve been having a lot of issues… apparently the meth head called the faggot bitch a faggot bitch and the faggot bitch called the meth head a meth head… then they want to kick each others asses… after this stuff gets installed on Saturday i could probably cancel my subscription to Netflix and just watch that shit show all day… send some clips to one of the reality tv channels and make a ton of fucking money… i kinda wonder tho… are they really a meth head and faggot bitch? who knows…

29 to 33 more days until i get my new car!!! i really cannot even stand the wait right now!! i’m gonna be so friggin pimp. i also decided what i’m going to be for Halloween… it’s gonna go with car.

so… back to this weird place… my brain has been strangely clear… like nothing is on my mind… well… nothing is weighing heavily on my mind… it’s not too often i’m in a position like this so i don’t really know what to do with the free space… i need to hire someone soon but i’m not really in a rush to do that… every time that help wanted sign goes up the crazies parade in… i put an ad on Facebook in that help wanted group thing but no one really wants a job… they just all want to sit around and chat about jobs… such a waste of time there… it’s gonna get busy here in a few weeks and i could use an extra person here about 8 hours a week. the other store is gonna need a part time person too… i think someone is getting fired soon… they did a no call no show last Monday and then again today… the only reason he hasn’t fired her yet is because someone was on vacation last week and someone is going on vacation in 2 weeks from now… can’t leave yourself fucked i guess… i would cut off my nose to spite my face just to get rid of the riffraff. but, alas, not my decision.

ughhh it’s so fucking cold in here today… i feel like we didn’t get a boob season this year… i’ve had a jacket on most of the summer… what’s the point in having nice boobs if you can’t show them off??? such a crock of shit! yesterday : hoodie. today : north face fuzzy. tomorrow: parka?? my friend is having a pool party for her son two Saturdays from now… it’s probably gonna be an ice skating on top of the frozen pool party if it keeps going on like this.. the customers are starting to come in…

i really need to change the ink in the tag printer… it’s coming out too light… i don’t know why i procrastinate on such a simple thing…it literally takes about a minute to do it, yet i put it off… sometimes i like to see how long i can let things go for before someone else notices, says something or does it themselves… none of those things ever really happen tho… like yesterday when i was using the back counter as a workshop for a machine part i was trying to fix… first of all… no plastic epoxy works on anything ever… moving along. i had the part sitting on the counter top hardening… it came around to lunch time and the girls back there set up all their stuff on that counter… so instead of just moving the part ANYWHERE ELSE… she asks me to move it for her right as i was in middle of counting shirts that were going out, getting the driver everything he needed, answering phone calls and dealing with a few customers. she literally stood there and stared me down until i was done instead of moving it herself.. the girls back there will literally not do anything for anyone else even if it benefits them. it’s the oddest behavior… so this morning when i got in and they forgot to do something with two cut pieces of watermelon and 2 small already cooked corn on the cobs that were now encased in a pretty hefty collection of bugs i just left that shit right where it was… NO ME FIRE, BITCHES.

got a little mix of people parking there cars where they shouldn’t… i cannot even remember where i was for that last one…

so let’s see… got a few pictures of me in my car.

i feel like my day just got a little bit longer… instead of the driver getting here in a few minutes and going directly on the first two deliveries he’s gotta go back to the other store first… that adds about 30 minutes to the day… super. i guess it doesn’t really matter… i have no place to be tonight… i should start thinking about what to make for dinner… maybe pork chops on the grill… that sounds good… and some butternut squash zoodles… if they don’t look bad in the store… gotta be careful with that kinda stuff…

fun fact! i’ve fixed two toilets in the last week… i could probably be one of those handyman people with a truck full of random tools and junk going around to old ladies houses doing odd jobs. future career maybe if the strip club house mom or whorehouse madam thing doesn’t workout… or ya know… if i quit dry cleaning… which can never happen. the world would crumble.

here’s some bathroom selfies!

counting sheeps

i see you!

wore this super cute shirt the other day but no one got to see it because it was so friggin cold! not fair.

things are shaping up nicely

it’s starting to get busy… ugh.. i was just getting used to not doing anything all day… haven’t even had breakfast yet…

so for a while i was convinced that baby doll outfits look stupid on me because i have to buy a big size for my boobs and the bottom looks dumb… i was kinda wrong on that one… found this outfit in Boscov’s

two more from that day.

well… a ton of work just arrived… better go do it! Happy Hump Day!

Taco Tuesday

tonight we’re gonna roast pepper halves and fill them with taco meat and cheese… this will be a nice break from taco salad Tuesday which is how we’ve been doing things for a few months now… I’ve just got 6 more lbs to go before i hit my goal weight… i was thinking about it the other day… what do i do after that? up my calories to a maintaining amount? keep doing what i’m doing currently with food and cut back on the cardio? i don’t know… my best option is to start doing things like crunches and squats… i don’t want my thighs getting big again tho… they have definitely gotten smaller… i can tell when i’m shaving… it doesn’t take as long. ah i guess i’ll figure it out when i get there… these last 6 lbs isn’t gonna be easy… probably take like a month… the timing will be good tho because then i’ll have a month to get a little toned up and then my car will be here and i can take fun pics with it… not sure who’s gonna be sexier… it’s gonna be close.

ya know… now that i’m thinking about it… i don’t think i mentioned getting a new car… i ordered it on July 21st. the guy said i should expect it to be in late September / early October… so by my calculation that’s 51 to 65 days from now… that’s kinda how i set my weight loss goal too… i wanna be super hot when i get it. it’s gonna be awesome! then i’m gonna take it to Atco and burn some rubber. and then be immediately annoyed with myself for burn said rubber… tires are expensive…

i actually have to replace two of them on my current car… i thought i needed brakes… so i bring it to the place across the street… guys like… your brakes are fine but your two tires are bald…. okay….. i friggin wish it was brakes… would have been cheaper… the tires are like 160$ each… hurt me! ugh whatever…

it’s like so cold in here today… i’m wearing such a cute shirt and it has to be covered up by a jacket… WTF? it’s August… in a dry cleaner… this is bullshit!

8:03 AM… not too many customers so far today… i’m fairly confident that everything in the back is running okay… no one is complaining so that’s a good sign…

i’ve got some more pictures from my birthday… only a few but it’s a cute outfit.

i’m soooooo bored today…

got that picture off my new security camera… that woman was reading a book in the fire zone… totally not the library lady!

9:14 AM… it’s still at least an hour before breakfast time… that’s too long… might have to move it up today… also i’m super low on steps because i’ve been sitting here for so long… my fitbit is yelling at me… maybe some netflix and jog in place is in order…